Prayas JAC Society: Prayas Started with 25 children in 1988, today Prayas caters to the needs of 50,000 neglected, street and marginalized children, youth & women in Delhi, Gujarat, Bihar, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Andman & Nicobar islands, Haryana, Jharkhand.

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IOCL-Prayas Project

IOC’s CSR and its implementation through a ‘ IOC Integrated Development Project ’ with a dedicated cell proposed to be constituted in collaboration with Prayas, a Delhi based national level non-profit organization.

Concept of the project

The notion of corporate philanthropy needs to be further promoted so that corporations participate effectively in sharing the Govt. agenda in the development and empowerment of society. IOC’s CSR initiatives have to go beyond patchwork philanthropy to larger issues of societal concern preferably with a theme of national importance aimed to support community development programmes in a strategically planned manner as its focused agenda.

The objective is to identify and address one or two vital issues concerning deprived communities in a manner that involves targeted intervention aimed to create visible impact towards socio-economic improvement enhancing quality of life of the un-reached population along the corners of the country.

For all this and more, the need is to create a Trust to promote holistic and  sustainable development of underprivileged communities afflicted by poverty, lack of education, lack of employable skills, un-employment, under-employment, physical disabilities and the like.

The Trust will appoint a dedicated Cell that involves expertise and experience of a reputed civil society organization which, in collaboration with in-house volunteers including members and families of the retired officials spread in different parts of country, designs survey-led programmes for systemic implementation in urban slums and rural areas across the country. In this context, series of discussions were held at senior management level with an independed NGO, Prayas JAC Society, a Delhi based national level voluntary organization that has long since worked in development sector, has its feet on the ground and knows best how to address the real and felt needs of the disadvantaged in multiple communities across 7 States / UTs where it has established lasting rapport.          

Suggested theme for IOC’s CSR agenda

 Based on Community cum Market-survey conducted  in and around plant areas of its Mathura and Panipat base and, in consultation with local Govt. and non-Governmental agencies, following need-based interventions, at a macro-level, form basis for national level theme:

  • Need for giving emphasis on skills development, especially for the less educated, poor and out of school youth and women.
    Women empowerment through Self-Help-Groups with multi faceted activities, e.g. adult and legal literacy, health and hygiene etc.   
  • Micro-finance for entrepreneurship development and assistance in small-business –enterprises for livelihood empowerment of poor in communities.
  • Non-formal education for out-of-school children and school drop-outs.
  • Empowerment, support, rehabilitation and integration of disabled persons from marginalized communities.  


Prayas’s role as a consultant and implementing agency in promoting IOC’s - CSR agenda


  • To coordinate and facilitate IOC management to set-up a project level CSR unit at the identified slums / rural location close to community.
  • To set-up low-cost physical infrastructure and facilities for starting training  programmes at identified locations.
  • To develop training modules, equipping training components and the launch.
  • To develop local economy & traditional industry-specific and agro-based training modules for employment/self-employment
  • Creating well-equipped Placement Cells for networking/ leveraging job market & incubation centres for entrepreneurship.
  • To conduct TOTs (Training of Trainers) at different target locations all over IOC projects.
  • Providing vocational training coupled with employability & income- generating prospects.
  • Rehabilitation of disabled persons.
  • To create awareness & help sensitize the targeted communities
  • To help-identify the beneficiary groups & conduct training on selected trades based on local level market survey.
  • To create skills development and income generation programmes and convergence with govt. & non-governmental projects.
  • To arrange required material & equipments for training programme.
  • To develop skills certification programme.
  • To develop new training materials (including Soft Skills & Workplace readiness Skills ) for Industry-ready recruitments.
  • To ensure capacity building of SHG & micro-finance activities.
  • To ensure marketing linkage/networking and value added support.
  • To organize health camp in each project level centre.
  • To organize adult literacy and continuing education in each of the project level centre.
  • To organize Alternative Education (non-formal-education) for approx. 40 school-drop and out-of-school children at each project level centre.
  • Networking with local-level reputed NGOs to support implementation of the programme, wherever necessary.
  • Association with Govt. level district and block agencies for leveraging the proposed community-based programmes.
  • To involve volunteers and families of local retired officials from IOC and other allied agencies of IOC.


FUNCTIONS of the Consultancy Cell
  • Exposure visits/On the job training.
  • Progressive Review.
  • Report Preparation and presentation.
  • Forecasting of emerging areas of employment at micro level 
  • Assistance in placement of graduates & entrepreneurship development.
  • Development of assessment standards.
  • Cell will act as a link office between community and IOC.
  • Monitoring of targeted performance and Quality Assurance.
  • Arranging for guest faculty in new trades and innovative resource interface.


News & Events

  • 14Nov
    25th Foundation Day of Prayas coinciding with Children's day celebrated with 'Run for Children 2012' where 3,000 weaker section children ran for rights.
  • 15Oct
    PRAYAS’s initiative for skill development and empowerment of youth in Naxal affected areas

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