Prayas JAC Society: Prayas Started with 25 children in 1988, today Prayas caters to the needs of 50,000 neglected, street and marginalized children, youth & women in Delhi, Gujarat, Bihar, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Andman & Nicobar islands, Haryana, Jharkhand.
Thematic Issues

Child Trafficking

Prayas has undertaken initiative to work in the field of trafficking of women and children. For this purpose it has established linkages with active organizations working in this area and the Government of India. Special attention is on the girl child, street and working children, child labor and domestic child labor (including forced child labor). In this regard Prayas has developed links with Anti Trafficking Network, Delhi, ATSEC and South Asia Forum against Human Trafficking (SAFAHT), etc and organized a number of national and regional level consultations sponsored by Governmental agencies, UNIFEM and the UNDP. Prayas also lobbies with key leaders and policy makers about the need to tackle this problem on a war footing. A major outcome of these events was a heightened interest and response from the government in tackling this issue. Equally important was the generation of a heightened awareness about this issue among the marginalized communities particularly those prone to be affected by trafficking.

  • Human trafficking is one of the gravest violations of human dignity and human rights. Trafficking can be classified under three heads: (a) for commercial sexual exploitation (b) for exploitative labour and (c) for other forms of exploitation, like organ sale, camel jockeying, etc.

  • Prayas is running Global trafficking-in person project funded by U.S. Deptt. Of States.

  • •Praya with organizations (Anti Trafficking Network, ATSEC, SAFAHTestablished linkages

  • provides Livelihood options for the survivors of trafficking based on core business principles & entrepreneurship

  • 7 Sanchay Prayas outlets with  Prayas and  Amul products.

  • Beneficiary training in marketing, financial management & communication skills

  • Credit facility for Entrepreneurship.

The Survivors' Plan of Action to Combat Human Trafficking

  • Traffickers, Procurers, Financers & Abusers be prosecuted & given severe  punishment.

  • Identified locations & chor rastas used by smugglers and traffickers to be intercepted, monitored & plugged.

  • Awareness Campaign in source villages about the dangers of trafficking to alert children / parents.

  • Raids/Action on transit & destination  points e.g. Model Project evolving jointly amongst Indian Railway, Delhi Commission, NGOs & Police.

  • Plan of Action drawn up through Delhi High Court Order, stakeholders’ roles defined with Senior police officers to be present during the raids.

  • Best Interest of the survivors  paramount  in planning Rescue - Rehabilitation.

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem of the trafficked persons to be safeguarded

  • Training provided for economic rehabilitation should be productive to enable them independent and dignified life

Prayas has been addressing the issue of Trafficking and Commercial Sexual exploitation of Children and Women through its various projects and the Anti Trafficking Unit in the rescue and rehabilitation of the children. The Crisis Intervention Centre established on 9 January, 2000 is one such program that primarily caters to cases of rape of minor girls in South District of Delhi. Such cases frequently need psychological support, shelter and rehabilitation. This pilot project is being run in collaboration with Delhi Commission for Women, Government of Delhi, Central Social Welfare Board and the Delhi Police. Starting from the criminal investigations of the act to the rehabilitation and counseling of the victim, CIC’s working has been a source of in-depth learning for the sponsors of the programs.

    Besides helping the cases registered under rape, CIC also assists in dealing with the cases of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation referred to it by the Delhi Police. The CIC package of service includes counseling, coping with trauma, medicare and rehabilitation
  • Prayas’ Suggestions and Views on The Amendment in Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act, 1956
  • Other recommendations

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