Prayas JAC Society: Prayas Started with 25 children in 1988, today Prayas caters to the needs of 50,000 neglected, street and marginalized children, youth & women in Delhi, Gujarat, Bihar, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Andman & Nicobar islands, Haryana, Jharkhand.
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Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre (JAC) Society


  • 1988 –Devastating fire in Jahangirpuri Re-settlement slums (north Delhi –now north West) –Thousands destitute, including children on streets
  • Amod K. Kanth, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) on the spot-investigation turned into Rehabilitation program for the neglected & destitute children Crime Branch Delhi Police Contact Centre, a unit of Missing Persons Squad focused on children, run by a Lady Inspector & a Team of socially spirited junior police functionaries
  • 1989 ?Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre Society’registered to help the neglected, vagrant & delinquent juveniles, missing & no-where children
  • The Centre converted into a collaborative partnership of Delhi Police, Delhi School of Social Work (DSSW) & Shramik Vidyapeeth (SVP).
  • Beginning of journey 25 (to 50,000) children in two room Low Income Group (LIG) flat. Jointly run by the policewomen / men & DSSW student / trainees
  • Developing programs of joyful learning, counselling, child protection, restoration & rehabilitation.


  • Genesis of Juvenile Justice & Police –Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre, comparable to Juvenile Aid Police Unit (JAPU) of Mumbai Police
  • Adopted the legal concept of care, protection, treatment, development & rehabilitation of neglected & delinquent juveniles under Juvenile Justice Act, 1986
  • Prayas JAC centre, first ever integrated partnership project between police & social workers –a nucleus for juvenile justice
  • Joint Team led by successive lady Inspectors, Praveen Dutt, Asha Thakur, Sudesh Kumari with DSSW trainees & SVP Vocational Instructors
  • (Prof.) R. N. Yadav, first Project Manager UGC Research Scholar on street children transplanted from DSSW to Jahangirpuri centre
  • Expanding charter of activities responding to children’s needs in the community setting
  • Dynamics of police & social work, conflicts on resolution course the developing model of juvenile justice.


  • 1990-1992 –Transfer of Amod Kanth & the initial attempt to institutionalize JAC Tutelage of Delhi Police –power-centric approach found to be non -functional –the very relevance of Prayas JAC society for Delhi Police challenged
  • Changes in the Constitution & collaborative partnership amongst Delhi Police, DSSW & SVP –Resolution mechanism for governmental & non -governmental conflicts
  • Defined roles within the larger perspective of Juvenile Justice –Delhi Police for the protection & just treatment of juveniles / children, DSSW toprovide the concept of social work & SVP for vocational rehabilitation
  • A developing model of holistic care through the integrated team of Police, Social Worker / Counsellor & Vocational Instructors –Swapping the roles
  • Growing programs & activities within the flexible, legal & administrative structure
  • Association of eminent experts from Social Work, Education, Vocational Education & Health –Profs. R. M. Varma, R. R. Singh & C. J. Daswani, Drs. D. N. Mathur, K. S. Sachdeva: Multiple governmental & non-governmental partnerships
  • 1992/93 –National Workshop on Juvenile Justice, participation of stakeholders -all known practioners, experts & academicians, policy makers & administrators, Ministers & opinion leaders to formulate a national policy & action plan
  • Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, UNICEF support: publication of ‘Neglected Child: Changing Perspectives?Prayas Road Map to Juvenile Justice.


  • 1993-1996 ?Holistic care Holistic care ?Responding to the growing Needs & the basic Rights of Children's Protection, Survival, Development & Participation in terms of United Nations Convention of United Nations Convention of Rights of Child -1989 & the crystallizing juvenile justice philosophy of Prayas.
  • Coverage from 500 to 5000 neglected children - Increasing number of Non Increasing number of Non -formal Education formal Education (NFE) & Vocational Training Centers (NFE) & Vocational Training Centers
  • Programs for child protection, care & maintenance, development, restoration & rehabilitation restoration & rehabilitation?Expanding coverage through centers Expanding coverage through centers
  • Provision of clothing & shoes, basic nutrition, mid-day meals & health care, counselling & day meals & health care, counselling & recreation recreation ?Each activity being pre Each activity being pre-requisites for the fulfillment of the rights of children in requisites for the fulfillment of the rights of children in terms of their basic needs terms of their basic needs
  • Growing national concerns for the neglected children, reflected more in the voluntary than the more in the voluntary than the governmental sector governmental sector
  • Issues like child labour, juvenile neglect & delinquency, trafficking, abuse & exploitation of cking, abuse & exploitation of children children ?Catching popular imagination Catching popular imagination
  • Serious problems of the shelter -less, destitute & street children less, destitute & street children ?Need for shelters with Need for shelters with multiple care, protection & development programs multiple care, protection & development programs
  • Prayas, an attempt to convert & coalesce the entire range of juvenile/ children, neglect & enile/ children, neglect & disadvantaged into a legal, policy & administrative commitment disadvantaged into a legal, policy & administrative commitment
  • Concretizing the concept of juvenile justice ?Fulfillment of needs & rights of protection & care, education, health, recreation & shelter, just & fair treat care, education, health, recreation & shelter, just & fair treatment, exclusive to the criminal ment, justice system

News & Events

  • 14Nov
    25th Foundation Day of Prayas coinciding with Children's day celebrated with 'Run for Children 2012' where 3,000 weaker section children ran for rights.
  • 15Oct
    PRAYAS’s initiative for skill development and empowerment of youth in Naxal affected areas

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