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Inaugration Session

E-meet of key stakeholders to mark the beginning of the programme. The Programme witnessed participation from the key officials from the State Police, namely officials from the Cyber Crime Cell, Railway Police Force, Department of Law and Order, State Police Training Academy, Department of Railway, Department of Women and Child Development, and Department of Labour and Employment. The programme marked the beginning of the online training programme.


Journalists E-meet

Journalists e-meet - Role of Journalists in Combatting Human Trafficking. The programme witnessed participation from Print and Media houses such as- Ahmedabad Mirror, First India, Sandesh TV, TV9, and The Hindu, ABP Asmita. The online training promotes responsible reporting mechanism that journalists, should adhere to to combat human trafficking, and particularly mitigate secondary victimisation.


NGO's E-meet

Best Practices by NGO's to combat Human Trafficking. The programme witnessed participation from My Choices Foundation- Red Alert, and TIP Heroes such as Bhanuja Sharan Lal. The online training aims to build coordination between NGO's and Civil Socities to combat human trafficking.


Forensic & Medico-Legal Personal E-meet

To combat Human Trafficking- The programme witnessed participation from the National Forensic Science University, and Helik Advisory. The online training focuses on building the capacity of forensic and medico-legal personnel's to facilitate prosecution and conviction.


E-meet for Inter-Department Coordination

Ancillary stakeholders from the Women and Child Development Department, Labour Department, Panchayati Raj Institutions, Labour Department, District Rural Development Agencies, and the Social Justice Department.The online training focuses on interdepartmental coordination and collaboration.


Technology Based E-meet

On the role of technology in combating human trafficking- The programme witnessed participation from the Cyber Crime Cell (Ahmedeabad), National Forensic Science University, AVET Teachnology (London), and Copper Tree Forensics (London)and Shane Forensics (Mumbai and London).The online training focuses on how technological aids can help facilitate prosecution and conviction.


Railway Police Force & Government

The programme witnessed participation of 50 personnels. The online training focuses on coordination of personnels on the Railways to combat human trafficking.


Police Personals and Anti Human Trafficking

E-meet for Police Personnels and Anti Human Trafficking Unit. The programme witnessed participation from AHTU personnels. The online training focuses on enhancing capacity of AHTU to better deal with cases of human trafficking from rescue, investigation to facilitating prosecution and conviction.