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Alok Prayas

The state of assam has been badly affected by armed insurgency over the last one and a half decades with various insurgent groups. These low intensity'conflicts frequently involve the creation of a state of terror to penetrate the fabric of grass roots social relations for entire populations, with social and cultural institutions and ways of life routinely targeted. Men, women and children are now directly drawn, even coerced, into the conflict as active participants' on one side or the other, since these wars are being fought more in the backyards, villages and suburban streets and less in battlefields. This seriously perturbed the life of common people. Realizing the gravity of the situation Prayas came into action and is trying its level best to bring the life of the people to normal.


Working for marginalized children, youth and women Prayas joined hands with Assam Sewa Samiti as a joint initiative for child protection / juvenile justice, shelter facilities, related programs for disadvantaged children,empowerment of youth and women at the unit at Noonmati Shishu Mangal Kendra at Noonmati in Guwahati. To meet the basic needs of children by providing them with shelter, alternative education, computer literacy and provide them with the vocational training, counseling and recreation to enhance their aptitude and skills. Major issues covered: Assam remains the only state in the northeast where poverty coupled with terrorism is still a major issue. The various terrorist attacks from the terrorist groups Naxalites and Maoists have disturbed the normal life of the people specially the children. There are many children who do not have to basic facilities.


Alok PRAYAS, Noonamti has already been able to create a positive impact on the community people through its outstanding works. Last year we have trained some 300 nos. of beneficiaries in all trades out of which 40% has got gainful employment in different sectors. Presently 105 nos. of beneficiaries have been taking training on different trades.

GTIP in Assam:-

(1) Surveys were conducted at different areas in Guwahati viz., Noonmati, where a number of street children and children working as labours were identified. An assessment was also done at Narengi, Carbon Gate and Forest Gate.

(2)An assessment was conducted at Noonmati Railway Railway Station.

(3)Survey at Railway Station,Chandmari.

(4)Survey at Bhaskar nagar, an Industrial site to find Child labours. 14 children viz. 9 boys and 5 girls, all in the age group of 5-14 yrs were interviewed. 3 women of that area were also interviewed.