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Community participation in skilling-China to India & Mix of vocational Trg and rescue to rehabilitation; Innovative youth, railway children and British friends in Rajasthan, Assam , Bihar & Delhi - Prayas on move
02 March 2016

In August 2014, during my visit to China had a chance to meet the officials of 'Central Inst for Voc and Tech Education', an apex govt body combining the learning with livelihood and also 'China Education Association for International Exchange', an NGO representing the people's Organizations. It was a model that we have been trying to understand in 'skilling India' program. Our dream target of galvanizing 500 million youth by 2022 hasn't met with much success since we have neither combined our education or community with skills nor developed factories to engage the human resources into production of goods and servic es. Very few NGOs like Prayas have been able to develop skilling projects that have entirely become the domain of the business houses, which,in turn, have also not been able to reap the 'demographic dividend' even marginally. 53 Prayas VT Centres across the country train at any time about 15000 youth and give them livelihoods through jobs and creating economic activity, small effort albeit a rare community- based program.It was great experience at the 'Annual Fest' mentoring some the highly motivated youth at DU 'Faculty of Management Studies' who are patenting their innovations that combine skills. The week gone-by created feeling of international camaraderie with visitors taking keen interest in our counter- trafficking efforts and numerous children in captivity and hard labour being rescued from Delhi and Rajasthan, now on their way to reunite with their families in Bihar under Prayas' watchful supervision from 'rescue to rehabilitation'.