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Creating Action Programme on Trafficking of Children for Commercial and Sexual Exploitation and HIV/AIDS Prevention

Prayas has developed a process oriented model to respond to the needs of rescue and rehabilitation of trafficking survivors and created a special programme along with government and other bi-lateral agencies in Delhi, Bihar and Gujarat. This programme has been operational in these three source and destination points.It has been actively engaged in rescue and rehabilitation of the trafficking survivors and created programmes for economic rehabilitation and alternative livelihood opportunities. As part of its advocacy efforts, Prayas had organized a number of sensitization program through children's workshops / painting competitions, state level workshop to sensitize law enforcement agencies and develop networking in Delhi and Bihar. In the last year, Prayas had successfully initiated a media campaign on human trafficking and launched a media award for best reporting of trafficking cases in India and conducted a regional media workshop. In recognition of its contribution to combat human trafficking, the US State Department had mentioned Prayas as international best practice and its founder Secretary as a Hero to combat child trafficking in the Trafficking in Persons Report 2005. Prayas Institute of Juvenile Justice had the opportunity to contribute to the south Asian consultation on migration and trafficking issues at the high level in Dhaka. The views expressed by Prayas had helped the respective governments of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal to take a resolution for recognition of the problem of unsafe child migration and vulnerabilities of trafficking and the need for safe migration and child protection policy.