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Disaster Risk Management

Prayas has always considered itself a partner in the development of the nation and sees its role as a ‘prime mover’ along side the Government, local administration and the disaster management agencies to facilitate networking & cooperation in areas of emergency relief, short-term and long- term rehabilitation, restoring livelihood opportunities, reduction of vulnerabilities & disaster preparedness of children & women and to prevent them from further exploitation and gender disparities. Therefore, as an agency committed to child survival, protection & rehabilitation, whenever any natural catastrophe struck the country it could never choose to operate in isolation, oblivious of the pain of the affected families right from its inception. As a result after the massive earthquake that hit Gujarat on 26 the January 2001 and the Tsunami earthquake in Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 2004, the organization decided to reach out to the crisis needs of the large population that was awaiting relief services.

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