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Visited at IIT Roorkee for 'Manoj Jain Award for excellence in Human Values'
13 March 2016

At IIT Roorkee on 13 th March, with Legacy of UOR 1981 Alumni, Faculty and Final year participants & Winner Himanshu for 'Manoj Jain Award for excellence in Human Values' after addressing and interacting with them. Visited (and addressed)this truly pioneering Institution for second time. Less known fact that this magnificent Gothic architecture building in 350 acre campus housing South Asia's oldest Engg College began with the construction of India's best known,over 500-km-long, Irrigation Canal way back in 1850's. So proud were the management of this great Civil and Water technology institution that they initially refused to be an IIT. It was a privilege and opportunity to ruminate and share my thoughts on 'Human Values', the universal idea and an issue that concerns each and every human-being, every moment of existence in some form. Trust, honesty, integrity, justice, fairplay, peace, love, compassion, empathy, brotherhood and service to humanity & to our fellow beings- are they hollow expressions craving to be translated into reality? As against Ethical& Moral Values which acquire hugely debated sermonizing overtones while they classify right and wrong, good and bad, the accepted human values have still a universal appeal. They could be some principles, standards, convictions and beliefs, certain 'virtues' or positive dispositions having emotional components which create natural bonds among human beings transcending the barriers of gender, age, caste, culture, religion, even national boundaries. It appears, our attempt to divide and compartmentalize our essentially indivisible personalities, positive or negative, run counter to the basic human values that define our personal and professional behavior in our daily lives. It's impossible to judge ourselves on any fixed set of guidelines or values since we always present ourselves as a bundle of contradictions. We don't live in boxes; crises,situations,challenges and problems coupled with ethical experience that afford us opportunities to test our resolve to evolve positively, within ourselves and interacting with the world around us. Human beings in terms of human values are categorized as the ones, who are always willing to give away all they have, time and resources, for others.The middle path followers will wisely decide what and how much to keep and give while third category in our prevalent market economy , the corporate achievers aspire to acquire and control all that our planet offers. Narrated some interesting and relevant ideas of Victor Chan and Dalai Lama with whom, couple of years back, I had a chance to spend a few days when the spiritual leader narrated his 'give & take meditation' of inhaling 'poison' of 'hatred, fear and cruelty' and exhaling positive emotions of 'compassion, kindness and happiness'.