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Juvenile Justice

Prayas believes that the basic needs of the child are synonymous with his/her basic rights. These include the right to (i) survival, (ii) protection, (iii) development (iv) participation. We envisage a scenario where every child goes to school or receives a decent ‘alternative education?and has the opportunity to satisfy his/ her basic needs for development. Prayas model encompasses the provision of Alternative Education followed by mainstreaming. Till date Prayas has mainstreamed thousands of children. Provision of mid-day meals, weekly health check-ups, vocational training, recreation, community awareness generation, counseling, special aids, and sponsorship are some of the salient features of the Prayas package.

Prayas also provides custodial and non-custodial services to neglected juveniles through its six shelter homes in Delhi and four outside Delhi. The Children’s Home for Boys, at Jahangirpuri and a girls home at, Tughlakabad provides shelter and rehabilitation facilities for children in need of care and protection. The Jahangirpuri home is ‘a round the clock drop-in centre?capable of serving 150 boys. It offers facilities for night stay, bathing arrangements, meals, recreation as well as first aid. In more ways than one, it signifies a kind of symbiosis between non ?institutional and institutional care. The Observation for Boys at Delhi Gate is meant for children in conflict with law.

The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, 2000 provides a comprehensive definition of a child in need of care and protection. Working within the ambit of this Act Prayas strives to offer a ‘protective cover?to children in need of care and protection. It includes the provision of alternative education, vocational training, nutrition, and recreation, effective legal interventions against abuse and exploitation and counseling for wayward children. To generate awareness on various issues concerning the care and protection of neglected children Prayas organized a National Consultation Priorities to Children in National Planning and Programs" in the year 2002.

In operational zing the legal component of Juvenile Justice Prayas had the privilege of being entrusted with the running of an Observation home for Boys OB Home at Delhi Gate. Viewing Prayas as a ‘fit institution?under the JJ Act this home was transferred to it by the Delhi administration in the year 1997. Until date the major thrust of Prayas in running the OB home is to create a ‘true home?with a humane ambience for the delinquent children referred to it under the JJ Act. Press Release: Juvenile Justice Board: Unveiling a new charter of Bhagidari Creating a Child-friendly Integrated Juvenile Justice System for protection of Child/Juvenile Rights at Prayas Observation Home for Boys, Delhi Gate.

Juvenile Justice - Hon’ble Supreme Court of India - Judgment