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Delhi's tallest, most beloved leaders, ardent Prayas supporter and very close friend Madan Lal Khurana left us late last night.

Extremely sad to know just now at this hour that one of Delhi's tallest, most beloved leaders, ardent Prayas supporter and my very close friend Madan Lal Khurana left us late last night. I would be there tomorrow morning with his family and friends . Mohit Narang from khurana's neighbourhood Prayas Health Service Kirtinagar who was in close contact with his family may coordinate on behalf of Prayas.
My memory with the universally admired and everyone's friend Khurana saheb began way back in 1980 when I joined West Distt as DCP succeeding Kiran Bedi in the troubled times. This fast-developing, large and labour-turbulent district of Delhi had become the hub of many law and order problems and Mr Khurana was the most active leader, present and leading the opposition everywhere. On several of such occasions I had to confront him and use forces. Both of us suffered violence for different and diametrically opposite reasons and curcumstsntially being on the two sides of the fence, directly opposed we should have been 'enemies' but the great man and leader that he was, Mr Khurana never allowed this bitterness come our way. He fully understood my role as a policeman, same as I tried to understand his role, both of us getting injured on one occasion. We became friends and kept meeting until, most sadly, he became unwell, admitted at Hindu Rao Hospital and kept sharing his jovial presence. He went into some kind of unconsciousness and we felt very very sad seeing such a remarkable and ever- active and always-giving person in such a state of body and mind.

I have thousands of personal and professional memories with Mr Khurana, of hundreds of meetings with common friends at his favourite joints like Volga in Connaught Place. Meetings included most unknown to some of the best known people, politicians, social workers, businessmen and bureucrats- all of whom admired and loved him equally. At a time while remaining in the opposition and being the main political opponent of the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, like on many occasions going together as friends one day he threw me a huge surprise by telling Sheilaji that amongst Poorvanchalis in Delhi I could be her best supporter and she must get me in public life. His magnanimity and substantial support to people he found genuine must have showered similar pleasant surprises to many.

He used to address me to many as his ' best friend and one of the biggest foes too' since he lost his 'Chiefministership' because of me as a CBI officer handling the historic hawala case. Yes, he was amongst those dozens of politicians who inadvertently received political donation from S K Jain of Hawala ill- fame and he willingly declared the same and resigned even while others were planning strategies. It is a tribute to his political honesty and to him as a friend who never once asked me for a favour in the same CBI that was no less in the national news and myself being as an official in the eye of the storm.

While in 1990's I was trying to establish Prayas with zero funds and no assets, as the Chief Minister and Opposition leader he lent his unqualified personal support to us. Several institutions like the huge 'Jehangirpuri Home Complex of Prayas' and the Kirtinager PHS were directly supported by Mr Khurana. Nearly 25000 extremely disadvantaged, street- working homeless and exploited children of this home and tens of thousands of the ailing and support-less poor getting life sustaining medical help at PHS Kirti agar shall join in immortalizing the great Madan Lal Khurana.