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Bihar Visit of Sh. Amod K Kanth from 02 - 04 Febraury 2016

Thanks to Nitish Mishra, former Bihar Minister (and Secretary LN Mishra Management Institute) with a vision for the state and Hazi Tauheed Khan Chairman JSS Muzaffarpur, I undertook a whirlwind trip to Patna, Motihari, Muzaffarpur & Samastipur on 2-4 February. Delayed AI flight, reached Motihari to meet the unassuming Distt Magistrate Anupam Kumar waiting for me. We spent part of the evening with 100 Trainee boys and girls from BPL background, at Prayas Residential Skills Trg. Centre, 30 of them offered jobs by the DM on our behalf gave a very different feeling- igniting lot of hopes. Rural youth with glint in eyes and clicking selfies together before they depart to their job destinations, wassomething I later equated in the Conference at LMIM with the Indian IT& Management trained youth going to Chicago & Dubai from Bengaluru. At Muzaffarpur, meeting with 13 Bihar JSSs (275 nationally) anxious about their future we had some rason to relax listening to good words from SheshuKumar, the NLM Chief who also appeared keen, like us, to align this 6+lakh starved -skilling with ambitious national programs. The 'Skilling for Skilled India' Conference gave us opportunity to see what's happening in Bihar and how the glaring gaps are disturbingly wide. Prayas Samastipur homes with 72 recently rescued child labour from Bihar and outside were a real treat to my heart with each and every child, 45 basking in the winter sun and 27 in their bunk beds, all glued to books. How unfair are we -as a society, as parents, as family and as governments, to these innocent kids with endless possibilities, yet deprived and suffering for others' misdeeds. DM Samstipur Pranav Kumar and the SP Choudhary appeared somewhat convinced that they have a significant role to play in preventing, looking after and empowering these trafficked children and the youth whom we are Skilling.