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Visited at Ranchi & Gumla

11-12 May 2016

My journey this time, 26-29 April 2016, Ranchi and Gumla, the areas so well connected by short journey and good road, still appear to be far away. Traveled to Gumla during my recent to last Jharkhand visit. Met the young - smart girls under training-keen to become 'housekeepers& Cooks', and discussed in great detail about how they have to conduct themselves while they go to big cities and even abroad, if we are able to arrange work permits. Some girls had a good time and great learning in Delhi where a team from UK had come to interact with them. Following my meeting with JSDM to finalize the modalities of DWSSC (Domestic Workers Sector Skill Council) functioning with the Jharkhand Govt. the team took me to Nagri village on Gumla road to interact with the village community. Apart from the gutsy Coordinator Megha, Manoj, Jitendra, Aashish, Nishikant and the indomitable JP Jaiprakash accompanied me to the village. The women were very excited and keen to understand how skilling and opportunities to work and earn could turn around their lives. They were encouraged due to the presence of the local BDO, lady Mukhiya and her smart Deputy Mukhiya besides the hordes of local ladies who are known activists willing to join. All of them find an opportunity if provided jobs and livelihoods, but in the corner looms large the movement and the youth at cross purposes. They are convinced about the program but extremely apprehensive about the placements outside and the treatment beyond the territory. DWSSC association with the Jharkhand Government in drafting the path-breaking' Placement Agencies& Domestic Workers Bill' and the launching of the Domestic Workers program to give them dignity, Protection, Minimum Wages may turn into game changer. For decades the helpless tribal women have been migrating in distress, often cheated, trafficked and exploited by the touts and agents. Our gallant team of Skill via placement providers have a very difficult job in hand. Visit to the Shelter Home for Children in need of care & protection on the way was so hear warming. Can't you see the smiles on faces which reveal their feelings of being protected? But, you may not know the stories they conceal.