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Visit of Dr. Vikrant Kishore & team from RMIT University Melbourne, Australia to Prayas
16 Febraury 2016

DR. VIKRANT KISHORE, Senior Lecturer in (Communication & Media Production) from RMIT 'Varsity Melbourne, an old Zee TV professional and a Jamia Millia Mass Communication alumni, has come all the way with his young team to make a documentary on Prayas experiments in social work across the country, particularly the homes for homeless kids. We needed something like this and find it timely.

Purpose of the Visit to Prayas: A team of students of RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia visited Prayas on 13th & 16th Feb 2016. The purpose of visit was to organize a short Indian Cinema and Documentary Study on the concerned subject.

On this tour, the students will work with various individuals and organizations in Delhi and Mumbai too, to develop a range of media and communication narratives (including documentary and short stories, interviews), to understand the way Hindi Film Industry functions, and the social and cultural issues that are of importance and need some media focus.

The students will bring an Australian perspective to the interpretation of the Indian cinema culture and analyze the social and cultural values vis-à-vis Australian or their own home country perspective.

It will be a good opportunity to get the students understand the various social issues that are in India and most importantly the excellent work that is being carried out in creating awareness and providing help by the NGOs.

Recently travelled, my colleagues & myself in North East-Wakro Prayas Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Lohit Distt. Arunachal Pradesh, Noonmati and Teok Integrated projects in Guwahati and Jorhat Distts in Assam, found it truly fascinating. Recall 2005-7, my police days in Arunachal when I got a second chance ( Mizoram 1997-8) to work in NE for two years, I could help to develop these programs which have survived lot of crisis nearly a decade now. Assam Sewa Samiti Chairperson Ms. Hemoprabha Saikia offered to revive the Noonmati Shishu Complex, and about the same time the Chief Minister Mr. Tarun Gogoi noticed us and asked local administration to facilitate Teok community project. One feels really happy to find the Wakro Heath Centre becoming lifeline for this remote and un-served population, same as Alok Prayas becoming a gateway for skills and economic empowerment for the youth of Noonmati and Teok.