Volunteer/Intern Registration (Peer Support)

  • Read the code of conduct (attached with this form) carefully and follow it during your volunteers or internship work.
  • Please enclose your identity card photo copy and reference letter from your institution or organisation.
  • Every Monday you have to submit the report. Submission of final report at the end of volunteer/internship work (project period) is compulsory.
  • Internship Flyer for all Volunteers/Interns

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    Code of Conduct for Volunteers

    Prayas Rationale for Child protection and code of conduct for volunteers/ interns:

    • Out of a moral and legal responsibility to protect children;
    • To raise awareness and increase understanding of staff/volunteer/partners of child protection issues;
    • To protect the organisation, staff and volunteers.

    These are the norms for volunteers who expressed their wish for the placement at various projects of Prayas operation across the country. He/ She is expected to agree to the following code of conduct:

    Prayas believes that everybody who works with children has a duty of care to them and this is a responsibility, which must be taken seriously. The aim of these good practice guidelines is to protect children from abuse but it also helps protect people who come into contact with children from unfounded accusations of improper conduct.

    Try not to:

    Show favouritism or spend excessive amounts of time with one child.

    • Encourage any inappropriate attention seeking behaviour, such as tantrums by a child.
    • Show discrimination of race, culture, age, gender, disability, religion, sexuality, or political persuasion
    • Allow children to engage in sexually provocative games with each other.
    • Act in any way that intends to embarrass, shame, humiliate or degrade a child

    You should not:

    Hit or otherwise physically assault or physically abuse a child.

    • Use language that will mentally or emotionally harm a child.
    • Suggest inappropriate behaviour or relations of any kind.
    • Develop a sexual relationship with a child.
    • Kiss, fondle or touch a child in an inappropriate or insensitive way.
    • Do things of a personal nature that a child could do for him/herself, including dressing and bathing.
    • Condone or participate in behaviour that is illegal or unsafe.

    All Volunteers/Interns should

    Treat all young people equally with respect and dignity.

    • Always put the welfare of each young person first.
    • Always work in an open environment avoiding private or unobserved situations
    • Be accompanied by a second adult whenever possible Avoid doing something that could be misinterpreted by a third party
    • Immediately note the circumstances of any situation which occurs which may be subject to misinterpretation by a third party.
    • Wait for appropriate physical contact to be initiated by the child (E.g. holding a small child’s hand)
    • Be aware of the potential for peer abuse and bullying and address it both individuals where possible
    • All Volunteers/Interns are encouraged to demonstrate exemplary behaviour with the children they work with. The following are common sense examples of how to create a positive culture and climate and minimize any risk situations for staff or volunteers.
    • There is a ‘Should Not’ section which gives explicit clarification of unacceptable forms of behaviour that may result in a formal enquiry and which could lead to disciplinary measures being taken.
    • Be ready for responsibility and accountability at all times and fulfill the task assigned in diligent manner. Try and participate in as many activities as possible.
    • Treat your partner volunteer/Intern/coworkers of the organization in the same way you would wish to be treated.
    • Be considerate, adjust when necessary, and seek to resolve conflict quickly with the fellows at Prayas.
    • Respect the environment you are in. The volunteers are expected to behave responsibly and appropriately according to the social environment. This applies to the dressing style, use of language & activities you take part in.
    • Follow the advice given to you by Prayas or your own organization, in case any disagreement express openly with great empathy.
    • Do not take drugs. Prayas is not responsible if you are caught guilty of using/ selling drugs.
    • Keep the concerned authority informed if you wish to take leave. We will appreciate to receive your written application for leave in advance. This application to be submitted to Volunteer Program in-charge–ERTC, Prayas JAC.
    • More than 3 days of leave without any information to the concerned would result in termination of the volunteer ship with Prayas.
    • If you wish to end your placement before the scheduled departure date, then discuss it in advance with the concerned authority from Prayas and your organization.

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    of beneficiaries have increased coping skills
    of beneficiaries saw an increased income or educational level
    increased community needs

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