Prayas JAC Society’s Reportage Leads to Arrest of Husband-Wife Duo for ‘Force-Feeding’ Drugs to Children in Ahmedabad

April 9, 2022, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Police on Friday booked two persons – husband and wife duo for allegedly ‘force-feeding’ cycle tube solution drugs to around seven children in Raighad area of the old city in order to force them for begging on the streets.

One of the child Shahrukh (name changed) is a 16 year old boy, who belongs to Dehradun Uttarakhand. His family consists of father, elder sister, and brother-in-law. He had come to Ahmedabad 3 years ago with his friend Sahil (name changed). He had worked at a tea stall in the beginning and then worked in plastic waste segregation. During the process of his latter work he got trapped by couple Sangeeta & Chikna around 2 months back. Sangeeta and Chikna forced Shahrukh to take drugs and forced to sell it to other kids. Shahrukh was forced to sell tube (inhalant drug). Sangeeta (18) is also involved in selling ganja with her local network of drug peddlers.

Shahrukh (name changed) sold tube to other kids and adult which approximately counted to sold it to at least 40-50 people a day. One tube was sold at 8 rupees. All the money went to couple Sangeeta and Chikna. A FIR had been registered by Prayas’ Mr Ghanshyam Prajapati for the same case in Karanj Police Station, Ahmedabad City under relevant sections of the IPC and Juvenile Justice Act, 2015. And on the basis of FIR, two arrests had been made in the particular case.

Along with this, psychological and physical history had been recorded. Shahrukh (name changed), was found to be coherent with his speech with no memory gaps. As far as physical injury is concerned, he had  marks of blade cutting on his hands. And reported that he was beaten up by Sangeeta & Chikna. As far as his medical condition is concerned, he had infection in his lower leg and had been admitted to the hospital where he had undergone medical surgery. He was admitted on April 6, 2022 and was discharged in the evening of April 8, 2022 after the recovery. And finally in conclusion had been sent to drug rehabilitation centre for coping with the trauma and identification of further course of life in terms of his livelihood via educational and vocational training.

Prayas JAC Society under its project, “Ensuring Access to Justice” for children with support from KSCF (US) is working areas of child trafficking, child labour and child sexual abuse.


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