Drop-in-Centre-cum-Counselling Centres for Trafficking Children

The Porous Indo-Nepal Border brings Bihar on the trafficking map of India and Raxual a sub- division of East Champaran District being the most important city of the Bihar state where Prayas is very much actives to check the evil of trafficking & forced child labour Prayas has got a Drop in Center-cum- Counseling Center at Kali Nagri of Raxual. There is a regular actively of Prayas at this point in rescue, restoration and restoration (RRR) of trafficked girls and forced child labour.

Prayas has significant intervention to prevent cross border trafficking as it has been operating through its presence at Raxaul addressing the issues pertaining to child and girl trafficking. At Raxaul with support of Geneva global this organization has been delivering polyvalent and sensed services to the victims/survivors of cross border trafficking. Since the inception of the Prayas Geneva Global Project at Raxaul eligible need based deliverables including legal and socio-psycho support have been delivered to the survivors of TES (Trafficking Exploitation and Slavery), domestic violence and unsafe migration.  With the healthy rapport with functionaries and civil society of diverse fabric of the both countries this project has attained recognized   presence and achievement in the bordering areas as well as  has become successful in raising awareness over the issue of cross border trafficking.

In this regard, organization has been receiving support and guideline by the mentioned authorities to facilitate prompt and appropriate services in immediate pretext to victims. Coordination with the voluntary organizations of Nepal is also attained for appropriation of multiple convergences of services to the victims as well as inhesion in approach network to prevent cross border human trafficking. We strongly has raised several issues before the police and administration of the both countries and has transformed ameliorative environment in the bordering area to dishearten the practices of cross border trafficking. Secondly, as the result of the liaison with SSB (Sasatra Surksha Bal) Prayas has gained the opportunity to train female constables of SSB to train them over the issue of girl trafficking and ease the process of rescuing and identifying such victims by SSB. At community level Prayas Raxaul has genuinely approached formidable and considerate initiative to prevent TES in the bordering area with tenable visibility as well.

It is well understood that several national and international organization are operating in Nepal to address the issue of Human Trafficking and cross border trafficking. In this context, Prayas believes and contains devout hope that the presence of Prayas Juvenile Aid Center in Nepal, through the model practices, admittedly would  strengthen the campaign and initiatives to combat human trafficking  with the concerted  association of the network of  like -minded  voluntary organizations, government agencies, stakeholders and law enforcement agency.

The proposed intervention by Prayas Juvenile Aid Center in Nepal:

  1. To design and implement an integrated programs for Child Protection and Trafficking in Person addressing the issue of Prevention, Protection and Prosecution (PPP)
  2. To conduct Pilot Study for the status of the survivors after undertaking rehabilitation measures as well as a survey on the life impact changes and assessment of the community availed support intervention in several form by govt.  Agencies and voluntary organizations.
  3. Advocacy for complete implementation of National Action Plan of Nepal for Trafficking in Person in the country.
  4. Legal Aid to the victims  i.e.  Prosecution at lower courts, Writ petition, in case there is violation of Fundamental Rights and PIL.
  5. To conduct legal Training  and Capacity Building of the stakeholders and functionaries including law enforcement agencies to combat cross border trafficking  ( Indo –Nepal Border)
  6. To set up Rehabilitation centers for the survivors of Human Trafficking for their livelihood promotion through vocation training and their subsequent Placement.

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