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Prayas and Women Empowerment

Prayas always has worked progressively with women and girl’s through its multi pronged programs and activities. Through the components of under taken activities the lack of women empowerment is being addressed at various levels and degrees in the mode of transitioning of the poverty related issues which existing women community have been facing with mutant difficulties. So this organization working with women as victims of poverty to empowering poor women to challenge and change the contexts in which they live. According to the organization the view of women empowerment does not necessarily to inject and enable changes in individuals but create an effective environment for the development of women in all respect which may allow to live women of the disadvantaged community with dignity and ingredients of decency. It has been observed that lack of education and poor quality of education has negatively contributed in the low status of women in the areas. So, strategic planning is the focus point of Prayas to empower women through assorted deliverables of services to face the challenges. We have reached out to the un- reached women in the area to generate livelihood opportunity for them as well as establishing strong need based up graded initiatives. Following are programs undertaken by Prayas Samastipur to empower women:

1. Self Help Group- Through the initiatives undertaken by organization hundreds of women have associated with SHG for their small scale entrepreneurship as well as recognized income generation. This organization, largely, has facilitated vocational training to the members of the formed SHGs and has provided backward and forward linkage with Banks and market oriented opportunity to promote their initiatives. There has been improved living and social status of the female members of the SHGs and economical strength has remained matched part of their family development.

2. Vocational Training Programs-Several enriched vocational training programs for the women and girls have been initiated especially for existing marginalized fabric of society in the urban and rural areas. Thousands of women and girls have been imparted training in gainful vocational trades for the credible livelihood promotion. Significantly many of them have become self reliant even in the folds of their family sustainability and have been attaining participatory roles in the familiar and social decisions.

3. Women Literacy program- As literacy is interlinked with protective and inclusive development of women ,this organization largely has been conducting literacy program for women and girls under the aegis of its Adult Education initiatives. Through this recognized programs hundreds women and girls have been made literate.

4. Women Rights awareness programs—several programs related to women rights awareness have been undertaken by the organization to make aware the dissociated female members of the disadvantaged class of society. In these programs women are detailed about their legal and constitutional rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. They are also made aware about the necessary Actions to be taken in the difficult circumstances.

5.Awareness program on trafficking and domestic violence - Through the components of the activities awareness program against girls and women trafficking are being raised by the organization and through compacted initiatives the various aspects of women and girl trafficking are informed to them as well as the victims of domestic violence are also given counseling and further suggestion with reformative measures.

6.Collaboration with Police- In the collaboration of Civil Police this organization has been extending the deliverance of counseling services to the female victims against their further aggravating circumstances. Though this interventions hundreds of such victims have been served.

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