National Anti-Child Labour Day –Cycle Rally for Creating Public Awareness in Motihari, Bihar

National Anti-Child Labour Day –Cycle Rally for Creating Public Awareness in Motihari, Bihar.

April 30, 2022

Bihar/New Delhi

Prayas JAC Society marked it presence along with the Labour Department of Motihari District, Childline1098 & other Civil Society Organizations in the cycle rally to create public awareness against crime of Child Labour on National Anti-Child Labour Day #April_30. It urged the stakeholders – the public in the way to extend equal support in not employing children at work stations as it devastates their childhood, shattering their dreams of a bright future.

Prayas along with Motihari District Collectorate officials made people take pledge in written that they will not only raise their voices against child labour but also ensure that law takes its course when cases of child labour are reported.

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