Prayas JAC Society Organized an Awareness Program About POCSO Act at Raxaul, East Champaran, Bihar

Prayas JAC Society Organized an Awareness Program About POCSO Act - for Children Especially Girl Child, Discussing - Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), Sexual Offences, Physical & Emotional Abuse in Raxaul, East Champaran, Bihar.

April 30, 2022

Bihar / New Delhi

The awareness programme was conducted at Kasturba Girls High School, Raxaul, Bihar. One of the counsellors from the Bihar team led this awareness session on April 28, 2022. Prayas Juvenile Aid Center’s East Champaran team organized a school awareness programme under the ‘Access to Justice’ project. The event was held in the courtyard of Kasturba Girls High School, Raxaul. The purpose of the program was to make school children aware about the issues of child sexual abuse, child marriage, child labor, physical & emotional abuse and child trafficking. There was a presence of 25 participants in the awareness session.

An appeal was made to children to be vocal about such heinous crimes such as child sexual abuse, gender violence, child marriage, physical & emotional abuse. The information was given on child helpline number 1098 to report such heinous crimes. On the other hand, Mr. Ajay Kumar, the headmaster of Kasturba Girls High School, told children that they are the future of our country, whose future can only be shaped by our own family and if such an incident happens, children can also inform us about it.

Mr. Ajay Kumar said, “I am appealing to do such awareness programs repeatedly by Prayas Sanstha in our school, this will help in stopping such heinous crimes.”

The awareness program was carried out by our counsellor, Ms. Arti Kumari and detailed information under the ‘Access to Justice for All’ project was provided. Outreach workers of Prayas Juvenile Aid Center- East Champaran, Mr.Vijay Kumar Sharma, Mr. Raj Gupta were present. And Mr. Pradeep Prasad & Mr. Ajay Kumar Jha, teachers of Kasturba Girls High School were also present during the awareness session.

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