Prayas JAC Society Invited by NUSI to Create Awareness on POCSO Act in A&N Islands

Prayas JAC Society Invited by NUSI to Sensitize and Create Awareness on POCSO Act in A&N Islands

Prayas JAC Society was invited by National Union of Seafarers India (NUSI) for organizing a POCSO awareness program for the Seafarers. CHILDLINE 1098 along with Police Department were also invited. Project Coordinator, from Prayas sensitized on how Seafarers' wives can play an important role in parenting as their spouses are away from home to earn their bread & butter. They were made aware about safe and unsafe touch, about how they should give ears to their children and shouldn't brush off when their children complain about a particular person, incident or a situation.

The emerging and evolving digital traps for children were discussed. How to keep a check on the usage of mobile phones and also made them aware of how children are getting trapped in cybercrimes. They were made aware of 1098 of how they can reach at this number anytime.

Inspector, present at the session spoke about the legal aspects of the POCSO Act. Deputy Director of Directorate of Shipping appreciated NUSI for this initiative. The programme was organised by the in-charge of NUSI, Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


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