Book Release of Prayas’ President, Mr Mukund Bihari Kaushal in Delhi

The autobiographical work of Prayas JAC Society’s President, Mr. Mukund Bihari Kaushal, Former Commissioner of Police, Delhi, titled, Sailing on My Own Compass: A Policeman’s Diary was released yesterday in Delhi. The ceremony was marked by the presence of his near and dear ones along with his family members. His grandkids present during the book release welcomed him, remembering Mr. Kaushal as a dependable family man, man of all seasons, his integrity and the lessons that he has taught them all through life.

Prayas’ Founder General Secretary, Mr. Amod K Kanth, saying and writing with his presence marked, “Kaushal sir, our President and one of the most outstanding police officers of the country, is a truly extraordinary person. A unique blend of a professional par excellence and a human being unparalleled, we are fortunate to have someone like him as Prayas President. His Police Memoirs presents him beautifully”.

In his book, Mr Kaushal has emphasized that it is possible to be truthful, authentic and consistently to go by conviction on what is right, shouldering responsibilities, being honest and living with integrity which defines a successful administrator. It's a compendium, a collection of the life events of a police officer.  During the book release, Mr. Kaushal spoke, “Starting with a confession, calling himself a reluctant writer”. He recollected how the publisher and his family requested him to write his memoirs. He said, “It was during the lockdown, a resultant of Covid-19 pandemic, wherein he started writing incidents of his police careers based on his memory”.  Recalling some the cases he investigated, his subordinates and colleagues during his tenure and also additional responsibilities he got to shoulder after proving his mettle. Mr. Kaushal travelled down the memory lane to remember some of them. As one of the guests present as a panelist said, remembering his politeness, humbleness and his caring attitude, that Kaushal Saab is a ‘Chalte Phirte Lucknow’. With this we wish him best wishes and good health.

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