Prayas model is most appropriate and realistic: Mr. Amod Kanth

A newspaper report has published the following information by SOS Children’s Village, stating that, “Nearly 2 Crore children have no adequate care and support as they have lost their parents or their families.”

General Secretary, Mr. Amod Kanth, comments on the above report: “SOS estimates confirm our own estimates that there are 20 million children without family and parental care in the country. These children, CNCPs under extremely difficult circumstances, are either orphans i.e. without both or one of the parents who don't support or look after them. These children could be destitute, homeless or street children completely cut off from their families. They could be in long-term Institutional care or within some form of on-going crisis or disaster without their families or parents to protect them and care for them. In our petition to Supreme Court we had mentioned the 20 million figures to emphasize the most urgent need to provide them Homes/Shelters with basic facilities, as we do. It was submitted in the SC by the MWCD that there are nearly 8000+ such homes/shelters in the country which cater to nearly 2.61 lakh children, which means just 1% of the total number of children who most urgently need such Institutional support. Prayas model is most appropriate and realistic which is growing with the new additions of 6 Railway and 3 Child Labour Shelters. We need to work most seriously on this comprehensive program.”

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