Childline Prayas-Samastipur

Brief History & Background of the project:
Delhi CHILDLINE started as a collaborative Project on 2nd October 1998 as North Delhi CHILDLINE. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment through CIF appoints a Nodal Organization in every CHILDLINE City. Prayas was entrusted with the responsibility of discharging the role of Nodal Organization for a period of three years on April 1st, 2002. The Collab. It is functional with the right association of Patori, Rosera and Bibhutipur sub centers. Till date more than 1000 children in difficult circumstances have been delivered multiple services.

Major issues:-
Provision of referral services to children in need of welfare care and rehabilitation, 24 hr child helpline with a toll free no. 1098.

To reach out to every child in need of Care & Protection by responding to emergencies on 1098 and to ensure access of technology to the most marginalized in urban as well as rural areas & connectivity of 1098 through government telephone exchanges as well as private exchanges. The project also works together with the allied system to create child friendly systems. The project not only provides a platform of networking amongst organizations but also provide linkages to support systems, which facilitate the rehabilitation of children in need of care & protection.

This project caters to provide care and protection of the vagabond railway children and the centre is established near Samastipur railway station premises. Through the established child assistant booth at the rail station such children are being served with the provisions of alternative education, vocational training, nutrition, cloths, health and recreational activities. Various module classes are being held for moral and social development of railway children. That aside, restoration and rehabilitation are the main components of the project activities.

Prayas ImpactReal Impact, Measurable Results

fundraising & donation campaign
of beneficiaries have increased coping skills
of beneficiaries saw an increased income or educational level
increased community needs

It’s not just a donation, it’s an
investment in a children’s future…


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