Childline (1098) Prayas-Raxual

1. Indo-Nepal border is one of the highly susceptible areas due to issues like child labor, Human Trafficking- trafficking of drugs, child marriage / exploitation of children who are financially backward. Apart from number of children who are malnourished and without education is very high. 2. Looking into these serious child rights related issues, the project CHILDLINE 1098 was started in March 2016. Under this project children who are in need of care and protection gets immediate help and needed resources. 3. Being the most sensitive area of border Child Line Sub - Center Raxaul is taken along with areas of Adapur section, Raxaul section, Ramgarhia section, Sugauli section and Banjaria block. 4. As per the instruction of CHILDLINE Team Leader - Sonelal Thakur along with his team started meeting community members and conducting awareness programs. 5. The divisional officers of the concerned departments used to have a lot of difficulties due to less knowledge about childline. Whenever they used to get any information about any child in need of care of protection they used to produce children to police station for DD entry and had to face several questions. Even after explaining many a times by CHILDLINE they could not understood the issues which was later informed to Child Line Director Samastipur Mr. Jitendra Kumar. 6. Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh gave a lot of training to GRP and RPF, local police and SSV from time to time and hence the administration started understanding and cooperating with CHILDLINE. 7. There was a lot of difficulty in working and CHILDLINE Raxaul team arranged a meeting with the current divisional development officer Jyoti Gamy. It was told by the people that if they took part in the meeting of Block Cluster Resource Center all problems would be solved. . The CHILDLINE team participated in the meeting of Block Cluster Resource Center in September 16. 8. He also launched an awareness programme at Raxual Railway Station with the help of GRP and RPF and Assistant Director Child Protection Unit and Child Welfare Committee Motihari. 9. Childline organise programs like awareness about child protection, open platform, child-line friendship between child and community.

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