Prayas Institute of Economic Empowerment-J’Puri

To generate and promote employment-led livelihood programs for the marginalized, Prayas Institute of Economic Empowerment (PIEE), a unit of Prayas, was established in June 2005 to design, develop & conduct training programs aimed at building livelihood alternatives for youth and women of the rural and slum based communities in Delhi, Bihar, Assam, Gujarat, Andaman & Nicobar, Arunachal Pradesh and Haryana through life-skills cultivation and technical trainings in contemporary market driven trades that prepare the marginalized beneficiaries for jobs and, or, small business enterprises.

Prayas Institute of Economic Empowerment (PIEE) the umbrella set up of Prayas JAC Society works as a technical training institute to offer integrated programs of vocational training, livelihood, income-generation program, formation of Self-Help Groups etc. that address a broad spectrum of life skills, remedial education and job training. Key factors in the success of such programs are that vocational courses are selected subsequent to a market scan, and soft skills, such as communications are integral part of the curricula.

Functions of PIEE:
 Conducting market survey to identify locations and trades prior to setting-up a training center.  Providing Vocational Educational/Training and their up-gradation to create opportunities for productive livelihoods and jobs.  Launching trades for training, based on the market survey conducted.  Forming Self-Help Groups that derive income from micro-enterprises, supported by micro-credit.  Creating marketing avenues for profit from sales.  Ensuring opportune placements (job/small-business set-up) for the beneficiaries.  Making the centers self-sustainable through revenue generation.  Up-scaling existing centers and their programs as per contemporary market trends.

Livelihood Support Activities conducted by PIEE:
??? PIEE implements the following types of livelihood support activities: ??? Skills Training and Job Placements ??? Personality Development & Soft Skills ??? Entrepreneurship Development ??? Qualitative improvement in the Lives of Trainees by linking them with income generation opportunities and ventures

All Courses are conducted according to the Qualification Pack of NSDC under NSQF.

The Sectors identified for providing training:
 Beauty & Wellness, IT/ ITeS, Apparel, Retail, Electrical Repairing, General Housekeeper and Housekeeper -cum-Cook .

Geographic Locations:
 PIEE has covered and is presently functional in the slum clusters and re-settlement colonies of Delhi, Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand and Rajasthan.  Aims and Objectives of Prayas for Vocational Education:  To equip vulnerable youth & women from marginalized communities with entrepreneurial and related functional skills  To create sustainable learning opportunities that nurture youth & women empowerment and socio-economic inclusion  To provide out-of-school youth & women from marginalized communities with marketable livelihood /vocational skills to enhance their employment (formal and /or informal) opportunities  To empower youth & women to establish viable income generation projects (poverty alleviation)  To break the cycle of youth marginalization and vulnerability that undermines individual, community and national development projects.

Prayas ImpactReal Impact, Measurable Results

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of beneficiaries have increased coping skills
of beneficiaries saw an increased income or educational level
increased community needs

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