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Teok is surrounded by large numbers of Tea gardens and majority of the people living in tea gardens area are very poor as the wage payment is very low and life is vulnerable to different problems in all aspect of social, economic and political. We can see unemployed youth, student’s dropouts from schools and engage in gambling or wild times with friends. Their living style is not up to standard and the poor families keep their surrounding unhygienic.

Training completion report under Air India Air Services: A Retail Course Training under Air India Air Services for 3 months has been completed successfully. A total number of 75 candidates have completed the training on the retail course. Though the approved target is met, a new batch has started with 25 students due to the demand in the retail sector in Teok.

The target to identify and enroll 50 children between the age of 6 to 14 in formal and non-formal education in Teok is also accomplished. The identified and dropout students were given bridge course education to prepare them to go back to school.

Training Completion report under NSDC: The NSDC fee-based course of 3 months is completed. In this batch, 15 students were mobilized and trained. A sum of ₹200/- per month has been collected from every student.

Computer Course: Currently, a computer course training is going on in the centre with a total number of 15 students.

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of beneficiaries have increased coping skills
of beneficiaries saw an increased income or educational level
increased community needs

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