Prayas-Hans Foundation Project – Assam

The activities of Hans Foundation officially started from September 2015 .The baseline survey and pre project activities started one month back, i.e in August 2015 under the philosophy and provisions of Corporate Social Responsibility. We came together as a partner and under this project we have been allotted villages in which we have surveyed and found that there is further need to extend the programme of skill trainings in order to give more support to the beneficiaries for generating their income and thereby reducing poverty. We have worked at two places and further willing to work in another identified new villages for covering more population.


The Hans Foundation’s effort as CSR in this region is highly appreciable and we feel satisfied working with this project. PRAYAS also has vast experience of working with community, especially with the weaker section of our society in many remote areas and with this project also we want to do justice by achieving tangible results and measurable output to reduce poverty.

Our experience and with Hans Foundation Support would definitely be a good initiative towards bringing some amount of positive change in the life of people residing in the areas of ASSAM.; this will empower the youth and bring sustainable improvement adding values to the National perspectives of skilling youth. These youth are full of energy, creativity and dream as others but as they cannot bring these into reality without proper support. So Prayas tried to show them the path by providing them with different trainings of skilling, making them acquainted with the purpose of our project in our several rounds of visits to their places and counselling them. We found that things could change positively if we prolong our effort.

Under this Project , at NOONMATI we focus on Women Empowerment, particularly that of BPL families. We plan to work with Adolescent girls too who are School and college dropouts in the identified and nearby communities through community meetings and counselling them., We want women to be employable so that her position in her family as well as in society becomes strong. We found in the study with community that females are more serious and hard working but they possess no social identity .Therefore we shall mainstream them through our livelihood programmes .Our courses are market driven leading towards better job opportunities.;-

1) Beauty Wellness training (Assist Beauty Therapists)
2) Dress Designing Courses(Sewing Machine operator)
3) Computer Courses-(Data Entry Operator)

1) Through Skill training a good number of beneficiaries have been empowered leading towards economic and social benefit.
2) Cumulative sensitization over several issues spread over generation of the families of the covered beneficiaries in the implemented program.
3) Improved knowledge over health , brings changes in the life of families and community as a whole.
4) Number of children being raised with improved deliverables problems
5) Increased family as well as social recognition of the covered youth and women .
6) Self-mentorship or financial discipline over income generation and better understanding of social issues.
7) With the positive engagement through their Skill people are not influenced towards family quarrels, or involved in other anti social issues leading towards peaceful life.
8) Better and increased number of earners has increased total earning of a family which has positively affected standard of life and also the quality of life of people.

Teok is surrounded by large numbers of Tea gardens and majority of the people living in tea gardens area are very poor as the wage payment is very low and life is vulnerable to different problems in all aspect of social, economic and political. We can see unemployed youth, student’s dropouts from schools and engage in gambling or wild times with friends. Their living style is not up to standard and the poor families keep their surrounding unhygienic.

Prayas ImpactReal Impact, Measurable Results

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of beneficiaries have increased coping skills
of beneficiaries saw an increased income or educational level
increased community needs

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