Naya Prayas

Naya Prayas (1993)
Areas :- covered -Kusumpur Pahari, Bhanwar Singh Camp, Bhatti Mines
Working with :-Marginalized and Working Children.

Three main problems hold back people living in the slums of South Delhi: lack of education, lack of formal training and poor health. Many young girls and many migrant children support their family at home, looking after siblings. As such they may not have access to any education. Many poor and jobless mothers in the region also have little or no training in any vocation. The cost of such training and commitments at home keep these women, and some men, keeps these people firmly stuck in the poverty trap.

A poor sense of hygiene and a dirty environment means that people living in the slums are sick very often and as such are unable to maintain a consistent source of income.

About Project
Naya prayas runs has nine school (2004) providing non-formal education to children. One in ten children are sponsored onto the secondary school program. Naya prayas also runs Vocational training for children, men and women. over 300 people (2004) avail of this opportunity and from this platform, many go on to be successful and provide support for Prayas.

Vocational Training offered includes:
* Embroidery * Computers * Beauty Culture

Prayas has run over 20 health camps and examined thousands of children since it added the health issue to its programme. Address: MCD Building, Basti Vikas Kendra, Bhanwar Singh Camp, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057

Prayas ImpactReal Impact, Measurable Results

fundraising & donation campaign
of beneficiaries have increased coping skills
of beneficiaries saw an increased income or educational level
increased community needs

It’s not just a donation, it’s an
investment in a children’s future…


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