Prayas in Kupwara & Baramulla – J&K

Mr. Amod K. Kanth, General Secretary and Founder of Prayas has been instrumental is expanding the reach of Prayas’ Services to Jammu and Kashmir. In his capacity as the Member Coordinator of NITI Aayog, he took the initiative of screening over 80 voluntary organisations for service delivery in the Jammu and Kashmir. It was under this initiative that Prayas JAC Society made interventions in Jammu and Kashmir.

Prayas JAC Society’s first substantial interventions in Jammu came four years ago wherein a Crisis Intervention Centre was established to deal and resolve the on ground problems of vulnerable. Thereafter, during the pandemic, Covid-19, Prayas extended support and help to the affected communities through arranging for health and basic amenities. Over the years, we have also worked in numerous government programmes and initiatives pertaining to livelihood and welfare.

Kupwara and Baramulla

The NITI Aayog has assigned Kupwara and Baramulla as the Aspirational Districts (AD) in Jammu and Kashmir. District Kupwara came into existence in 1979. Along with 71.58% of its area being under cover, it is famous for walnut, red rice and honey. The district is called the Walnut District and it contributes 3 tonnes of apple annually.

However, according to 2011 census, 87% of the population of the district lives in rural areas. The dense forests and a largely rural demographic makes the delivery of basic amenities difficult.

District Baramulla is one of the most historically significant districts of Jammu and Kashmir. Baramulla boasts itself as being the largest producer of apples. Additionally, being on the banks of Jhelum it also houses many State Owned Powerhouses such as Lower Jhelum Power House, Uri Civil Hyde Power Project, Mohra Power House etc.

Despite its significant stake in the horticulture, the NITI Aayog has assigned the district as the Aspirational District. The district has also witnessed a decrease in certain development parameters such as sex ratio over the last few years.

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