Prayas-Pahal Project

Prayas-Pahal Project : Started on Date: 12th February, 2015
Project PAHAL-Ensuring Identity and Dignity for Children of Female Sex Workers- In 2007, the Ministry of Women and Child Development reported a presence of 2.8 million sex workers in India, with 35.47 percent of them entering the trade before the age of 18 years. The Sex Workers working in Delhi are in the trade due to sheer poverty and some by their own will. The demography of sexual activities in Delhi has changed immensely over the years and statistics show that the teenagers and younger generation is now most involved in Sexual activities. Nearly 50% of Sex Workers in Delhi are selling their bodies to save their family as they don't have jobs and using their bodies to earn a living is the last option to survive.

The Supreme Court of India has observed that sex workers are entitled to a right to life and must be accorded the protection guaranteed to every citizen. It instructed the State to provide recommendations on the rehabilitation of sex workers who wish to leave sex work of their own volition and to provide conducive conditions for sex workers who wish to continue working as sex workers in accordance with Article 21 of the Constitution.

Prayas initiated the project to prevent second generation of commercial sex workers to get into trade with the support from ‘Aide-et-Action’ to provide dignity to the lives of commercial sex workers at Grant Bastion Road through education and empowerment opportunities.

It aimed to achieve the following objectives:
* Ensuring care and protection to children of Female sex workers in G.B.Road area of Delhi
* Educational and vocational rehabilitation of children
* Preventing second generation girls from commercial sex work
* Ensuring identity & dignity for children of female sex workers

It has been observed that children of these sex workers are grossly neglected, especially during the working hours of their mothers (between 12 noon to late evening). They are forced to roam on the streets as they have no place to rest, play or sleep. Care and protection of children of sex workers (single working mothers) is a major problem and stumbling block in the development of these children who are victims of circumstances. They are deprived of the opportunities to study and develop their intellect. Unfortunately they are also unable to get family support as their mothers are engaged in a profession where there free will does not matter. In most of the cases there is no paternal support. Such children are not welcome in normal schools because they are stigmatized. Children of sex workers often go into the silent mode when quizzed about their family members, specially the identity of father and the profession of the mother. So far, there has been no study to understand the emotional and social status of such children. There is a strong need to conduct a study on above issues.

Since prostitution is not legalized in India no basic amenities and rights are available to the women engaged in this profession and obviously their children are also deprived of these rights. The ongoing activities (operating brothels, pimping and soliciting sex etc) are illegal. Another area of concern is that needs attention is that FSWs who are not into the profession because of their age are harassed and exploited. Lacking any options for livelihood they usually tend to enter into the same business as pimps or mediators. In order to stop such exploitation and harassment to these groups of women it is essential to provide avenues for their livelihood.

The above are the key reasons why it is important to engage with the children of FSWs and help them gain access to their basic rights and entitlements and thereby enable them to lead a better life.

* Children of Female Sex Workers
* Female Sex Workers
4.1 Overall Objectives of the Project
Enhanced identity and dignity of children and female sex workers. Change in mindset with Mothers (Female Sex Workers) and proactive actions by them for better future of their children Influencing the learning spaces of children to bring fundamental change in their lives and mental makeup, fully realizing that educational centre are just part of the larger learning curves of children, the following learning spaces would be targeted and influenced such as crèche, NFE, peer group of children and their homes with single mother.

Enhanced health and access to proper nutrition by children of the commercial female sex workers Better visibility of the issue and gain for the partner community (Female Sex Workers and their children) from Multi Stake holders.

4.2. Specific Focus for the Year 2019
The specific focus of the project was to promote the right to identity and dignity of children through a participatory approach. This was derived from the principles of Child Rights, as defined in the UN Convention and various laws and policies in India. This project basically focused on:
* Non Formal Education of Children of Brothel and Non- Brothel Community (Regular classes by emphasizing on basic literacy, numeracy and indoor games).
* Providing Nutritional food to children and were given mid-day meal. All the children present at the day-care centre to have had nutritional food.
* Monthly Medical Check-up Camp organized by Pahal Project.

Pahal Library:- :(Under this activity children are attracted towards the library through some kind of attractive books having pictures to understand them more than writing and we bought some books which helps the children to Horne their skills and children get greedy to read the books. our basic aim is to make the children familiar with the books.

Exposure Visits:- Basically the Aim of this activity is to enhance the awareness among children about the historical building in Delhi such as science Museum, etc. in that visit children enjoyed and performed many other activities with our team.

4.3 Approach / Methodology of Intervention in 2019
* One to one approach
* Counselling sessions
* Focus group Discussion

Prayas ImpactReal Impact, Measurable Results

fundraising & donation campaign
of beneficiaries have increased coping skills
of beneficiaries saw an increased income or educational level
increased community needs

It’s not just a donation, it’s an
investment in a children’s future…


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