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The children age group of 5 year & more are the vulnerable group who are mostly exploited by the anti social elements and stake holders. They lure and promise them for jobs and bright future. But the facts are just opposite. They are taken to unknown places for working. Once they get along with them they never return back to their homes, at the mean time, in most of the cases, the anti social elements / stake holders claim that the child has run away / died. Family has to go through trauma for years for their beloved son.

Samastipur Railway children project under that Boy’s Shelter Home has been giving helping hands to all such children. This project helps to curb a great menace that may threat the human beings if not controlled / prohibited timely because railway is the only means of transportation for long distance journey. It also connects all parts of India. Railway is easily accessible to them. They mostly travel without tickets. Prayas motivate railway children for regular education / vocational education for permanent solution and sustainability of their problems. We provide them all the basic needs that they deserve like shelter, food, cloth, education, entertainment, health care, counseling, family environment and security.

Samastipur railway children project has traveled a long distance since its inception. Now Prayas shelter home benefited about 1300 children on a regular basis. Prayas Samastipur have developed a very good rapport with all our stakeholders including RPF/GRP/Coolie, Porters/TTE and local residents near railway platforms.

Prayas have been provided a place on platform No.-8/9 where our staffs do their duty to help these vulnerable and runaway children. But this is not enough, and now, we want to expand our working area where our volunteers / staffs can work together at Barauni junction / Muzaffarpur junction and Darbhanga Junction and Samastipur junction.

Railway children project is a sensitive project. We very often face threat to life by the anti social elements. Sometimes, it was felt that they had developed a racket through which they send the children to different locations for exploitative work. They feel / take railway children project staffs as an obstruction in their smooth functioning. On most of the cases even GRP refuses to take cases / lodge FIRs against the evil doers. To make our position strong before police personnel and judiciary, we feel need of engaging a legal expert for the successful completion of the legal proceeding at Samastipur.

A study report of Prayas Juvenile Centre Society, the parent organization of Prayas Samastipur project reported that more than 40 percent of such children run away from Bihar and the railway stations are the central points where they spend time before leaving for their destinations in the city or other cities to earn a living. As a consequence, they make their lives miserable while indulging in all sorts of activities ranging from small odd jobs to pretty and most heinous crimes which are committed on a regular basis not only in the railway platforms but also on the streets of the bigger cities to small towns and in the residential areas, posing a serious problem to administration and the police department. A survey conducted to ascertain the family backgrounds of such children revealed that they mostly belong to poor families with illiterate parents who support their life and families from low -economic activities where profit equals just the cost of labour. Rag-picking is a common activity among such children. Their family lives in dire poverty and parents take to drinking and spending most of their time at home quarreling amongst themselves using abusive language without any reason. These children are often beaten mercilessly and frustration in life makes them leave their homes to make their peaceful existence elsewhere.

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