Mira Memorial Trust (MMT)-Motihari Bihar

Name :-Mira Memorial Trust (MMT) - Motihari - Bihar
State :-Bihar
Areas covered:-Bastapur, Chandrahiya, Sarangpur, Semra
Working with:- Neglected children and marginalized communities, Rescued children from trafficking networks and Runaway children

Major issues:-
The child trafficking and child labor is growing rampantly in Bihar. Every year hundreds of children runaway from their home in search of work and end up working at railway stations. There are many others who are lured and are trafficked. Bihar serves as source state for trafficking of children. Hundreds of young girls in Bihar and are forcibly taken away to the other states.

To stop the child trafficking in the hospitals by exposing the child trafficking channels or networks. To advocate doctors in terms of legal adoption.

About the project in brief:-
Prayas started the project in collaboration with the Mass Education Directorate of Government of Bihar. So far 10 education centers have been set up and are catering to the needs of 250 children. The curriculum of these centers was designed with a significant target of mainstreaming participating children in accordance with the outside advanced world.

Apart from it a shelter home is being run in Motihari under UNODC project. Under this rescued children are provided with shelter facilities. Further counselors are also working round the clock to give psychological support to these vulnerable children. The project also deals with the restoration of the children to their respective family is also being considered.

Prayas in Motihari also works with the street & working children. Under this project runaway children and children working under hazardous conditions at railway stations are being looked after. Prayas is initiating its support in the form of alternative education, free meals, and shelter homes to ameliorate the lives of these neglected children. The other project running in Motihari is Prayas Bal Chetna Kendra. Under this project children are encouraged to get enrolled, so that they could be provided with education and gradually mainstreamed with the curriculum of other advanced schools.

DorabJi Tata Trust project in East Champaran (Motihari & Raxaul)
On 28th Sep 2010 things have been arranged for Prayas at Motihari, the place from where Bapu started the movement against the British. Prayas have tried to put all the things into very precised way emphasizing only the core concerns/activities, i.e.
•Alternative Education Centers
•Vocational Training Centers
•Shelter Home for Boys

Alternative Education Centers (AECs)
East Champaran has been put in the center in terms of DorabJi Tata Trust Project, since it has got more activities than any other districts. Starting up with the AE Centers, there 6 centers have been provided in the project, including 5 in Motihari and 1 in Raxaul. The project are as below:
1. Mahuawa Tola, Uttari Dhekaha, Motihari
2. Mirpur, Dhaka Road, Motihari
3. Basatpur, Dhaka Road, Motihari
4. New Agarwa, Motihari
5. Gopalpur, Motihari
6. Sundarpur Dankan, Raxaul

Prayas ImpactReal Impact, Measurable Results

fundraising & donation campaign
of beneficiaries have increased coping skills
of beneficiaries saw an increased income or educational level
increased community needs

It’s not just a donation, it’s an
investment in a children’s future…


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