Involve Individuals Like Child Rights Activist Amod Kanth, NGOs in Identification Process of Children in Street Situations: Supreme Court Tells NCPCR

Involve Individuals Like Child Rights Activist Amod Kanth, NGOs In Identification Process of Children in Streets: Supreme Court Tells NCPCR April 19, 2022 New Delhi, Amitabh Srivastava The Hon’ble Supreme Court, on Monday, hearing the case for children in street situations (CiSS) petitioned by Prayas JAC Society. The Hon’ble Court asked the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights ("NCPCR") to involve individuals like Mr Amod Kanth and Non-Government Organisations who are spending their considerable time for the cause of marginalised and disadvantaged children. The case was listed for completion of pleadings on behalf of remaining states who were earlier directed to file suggestions, file respective policies on the basis of suggestions proposed by NCPCR in their affidavit. Prayas JAC society represented by Mr. Amod k Kanth, founder and General Secretary had filed a petition seeking permission to intervene in the said case. Mr Gaurav Agrawal, Ld. Amicus Curie having been visited one of the Children’s home run by Prayas on April 14th 2022 circulated a note for the hearing, mentioning suggestions made by Mr Amod K Kanth during his said visit. Senior Advocate Mr Salman Khursheed, learned lawyer was briefed by Mr Kanth and legal team of Prayas. He agreed to stand for the cause of children in street situation. Senior Advocate, Mr. Salman Khurshid appearing on behalf of Mr. Amod K. Kanth, General Secretary, Prayas Juvenile Aid Centre urged the Bench comprising Justice L. Nageswara Rao and Justice B.R. Gavai to involve civil society organisations in the identification process of the CiSS. He submitted, "The civil society sector, the NGO sector, they are to be kept in contact so that they can help in the collection of data." Justice Rao suggested involvement of NGOs and the Legal Service Authorities on priority - "First associate with people like Mr. Kanth and other organisations who are spending 24*7 on this…Even Legal service authority. If you don't want to disturb this portal we can have another portal." •Read the news report on the same by -www.livelaw.in - https://www.livelaw.in/top-stories/supreme-court-children-in street-situations-indentification-ncpcr-ngo-bal-swaraj-portal-196895

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