Mr. Amod Kanth Speaks as a Panelist at VANI’s meeting titled, “CSO Collaboration for an Inclusive & Equitable Future”

Mr. Amod Kanth Speaks as a Panelist at VANI’s meeting titled, "CSO Collaboration for an Inclusive & Equitable Future".

Mr. Amod K Kanth spoke as a panellist, during the discussion on Inter Sector Collaboration on 28th June 2022. The Civil Society Sector has faced numerous challenges over the past many years relating to the Spatial, Health and Financial crisis. The situation on all fronts has been deteriorating exponentially over the years. However, the sector, well known for its resilience and vibrancy has tried is best to survive these toughest times, by testing the power of collaboration and partnerships. Mr. Kanth’s focus of deliberation was on thought sharing about his learnings, experiences and challenges around his work and Prayas’ with different stakeholders including Government, Donors, Community and Media.

Basing the talk on ‘Creating Synergy for Impact during difficult times, Intra-Sector and Inter-Sector Collaborations’ etc. Mr. Kanth shared his perspective on 'Enhanced Participation with Government', perhaps presuming that as an organisation, Prayas has been able to successfully undertake it.

Mr. Kanth said, “There is a huge gap between government and non-government bodies, this results in slow outcome of work. This further affects the society as well as in implementation of government’s initiatives”. Explaining the present economic situation, he added, “India has the largest share of the deprived and the marginalized among the one 1.3 billion plus, out of the 7.9 billion plus inhabitants of the world, who are said to be living without shelter or basic amenities required for human existence.”  He further added, “Clearly, we need to introspect as to why despite being the 4th or 6th biggest economy in the world alongside our highly acclaimed democratic governance structures and an inclusive society, we have failed to associate our mute marginalized millions in the task of re-engineering our society towards basic subsistence, equitable development and growth”.  Because of this we have been slow in achieving our SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals. Other indices such as on happiness index, we are 136th positioned out of 146 and on hunger index we are still on 101st out of 116.

Asking others present on the panel, he questioned, ‘Is there a lot that must be done to bridge the gap and maintain a balance?’. …For this both government and non-government will have to work together for better outcome. In his deliverance, Mr Kanth also emphasized that there is a need for a proper coordination among the govt. and non-govt bodies. Through, Prayas’ example right from its chance creation in 1988 until today, he explained Prayas’ journey of transforming lives of marginalised children, youth and women. He also spoke about our vocational training centres called Jan Shikshan Sansthan and the service delivery that Prayas has been doing by training youth with life skills.

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